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The Joy of Specialising

When I began proofreading, I posted an advert that essentially said: ‘I will proofread literally ANYTHING’.

‘Anything’ turned out to be texts that often bored or baffled me to tears.

It was time for a rethink.


I know and care about nature, humanities and mental health – that’s why I specialise in those subjects:  I’m up on the lingo and happily concentrate on the work because they're so interesting.

As publishers, editors and authors, it is important that you match your text to the right proofreader. You'll then have confidence because they understand and care about your subject.

Proofreaders and copy-editors specialise in all kinds of weird and wonderful things, much like publishers and authors, so with a bit of research you’ll find a good fit. Technical processes, crime and suspense fiction, luxury lifestyles - they’re all there.

A well-matched proofreader will take pride in their work, enjoy the process, do a great job, and finish in good time.

What more could you both ask for?

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